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Lone Hill's most Coffee and Tea popular restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus are found below. Lone Hill's most popular Coffee and Tea restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus are found below.

Mugg & Bean Lonehill

Coffee and Tea
Shop 59, Lonehill Shopping Centre, Lonehill Boulevard, Sandton 2062, South Africa
Mugg & Bean Lonehillsample menu
  • *Avocado subject to availability.
  • BOWL $54.90
  • Cheesecake Slice From $42.90
  • Croissant $32.90
  • Add whipped cream or ice cream +$6.90
  • Simple Havana Omelette $64.90
  • M&B Famous Giant Muffin
  • Cheddar or feta or mozzarella +$14.90

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