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Mugg And Bean - Paulshof

Coffee and Tea, Diner
Cambridge Crossing, Cnr Stonehaven And Witkoppen Rd, Johannesburg 2056, South Africa
Mugg And Bean - Paulshofsample menu
  • Shanghai BBQ $74.90
  • Chipotle & Topdeck Chocolate $29.90
  • Hickory ham +$20.90
  • Your breakfast eggs can be ordered fried, scrambled or poached with your choice of M&B white, wholewheat or rye toast.
  • Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie $79.90
  • Sesame-crusted Buttermilk Chicken Burger $74.90
  • Back bacon, egg & cheddar $61.90
  • Shakshuka $66.90

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