McDonald's in Mill Park Menu

McDonald's in Mill Park has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as (4 pieces) or 898 Tempura Prawn Salad from Simply Asia. Nando's offers many options including HUngry-ish and Veggie Platter 2. Wimpy Boardwalk includes a wide range like LAMB or BAR-ONE JUST CHILL. Toasted Mexican Chicken Mayo and Chocolate Mousse from . Mochachos offers Domino's Pizza and .

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  • Served until 2pm
  • Your choice of white or brown served with preserves. Complimentary coffee, tea or juice with all breakfast.
  • Rise & Shine 27.00
    • Egg, bacon, grilled tomato, fries and toast
  • Benedict 40.00
    • Two poached eggs served on bacon and flash fried polenta squares, topped with our Fuego Salsa
  • Santiago 47.00
    • Two eggs, bacon, beef sausage or pork cheese griller, grilled tomato and toast
  • Cubaña 79.00
    • Two eggs bacon, sausage or pork cheese griller, 100g sirloin steak, mushrooms, fries and toast
  • Dino Burrito 73.00
    • Eggs, bacon and mushrooms all rolled in a tortilla, oven baked and topped with Cubaña salsa and cheddar cheese. Served with fries
  • La Fe 59.00
    • Crispy fried polenta squares with pan fried red pepper, chorizo, butter beans and tomato chilli relish topped with a poached egg
  • (4 pieces)
  • 801 Salmon R67.00
  • 802 Tuna R67.00
  • 803 Seared Salmon R68.00
  • (2 pieces)
  • 810 Salmon R36.00
  • 812 Prawn R30.00
  • (6 pieces)
  • (4 pieces)
  • 801 Salmon R67.00
  • 802 Tuna R67.00
  • 803 Seared Salmon R68.00
  • (2 pieces)
  • 810 Salmon R36.00
  • 812 Prawn R30.00
  • (6 pieces)
  • Two Poached Eggs on Rye 37.00
  • Creamy Scrambled Eggs 43.00
    • Served on ciabatta
  • With roasted rosa tomatoes 44.00
  • With crispy gypsy ham 54.00
  • With smoked salmon trout 89.00
  • Poached Eggs with Coriander Aioli 59.00
    • Two poached eggs, crispy gypsy ham, coriander aioli on toasted ciabatta, served with roasted rosa tomatoes
  • Egg Whites & Roasted Rosas 70.00
    • Served scrambled with half an avo and a slice of toasted rye
  • Savoury $37.90
  • Chicken mayo $56.90
  • M&B Famous Giant Muffin
    • freshly baked in store & served with butter, strawberry jam & cheddar.
  • Your breakfast eggs can be ordered fried, scrambled or poached with your choice of M&B white, wholewheat or rye toast.
  • The M&B Classic $49.90
    • two eggs the way you like them served with honey-glazed back bacon, grilled tomato, a golden hashbrown, M&B rosemary-salted fries & served with a slice of M&B toast.
  • Smashed Avo* & Egg on Toast $34.90
    • two slices of M&B toast topped with fresh smashed avo* & sliced boiled egg.
  • Our Croque Madame $56.90
    • back bacon, tomato & baby spinach between two slices of M&B toast, topped with a creamy mustard cheese sauce, melted cheddar, fresh avo & an egg.
  • M&B On-The-Go $37.90
    • two eggs, back bacon, grilled tomato & a slice of M&B toast.
  • Toasted Mexican Chicken Mayo R29.90
    • A toasted chicken breast sandwich with crisp lettuce, tomato & mayo or peri-mayo
  • Mexican Chicken Livers & Bun R29.90
  • 4 Full BBQ Wings R34.90
  • Chicken Strips, Chips & Dip R45.90
    • Fried chicken breast strips battered with our secret blend of herbs & spices
  • Mexican Chicken Pieces & Rice R34.90
    • Tender pieces of chicken breast, sauteed in our secret spices & served on Mexican rice
  • Chicken Fillet, Garden Salad & Mexican Mielie R54.90
    • One flame grilled chicken breast fillet and Mexican melie, served with a beeg garden salad
  • + ADD Feta R10.00
  • Grilled Chicken Salad



Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth 6001, South Africa





Opened hours

Monday: Open 24 hours, Tuesday: Open 24 hours, Wednesday: Open 24 hours, Thursday: Open 24 hours, Friday: Open 24 hours, Saturday: Open 24 hours, Sunday: Open 24 hours









Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth 6001, South Africa
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