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Respek in Waverley has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as or TAKE TWO LARGE AND GET R30 OFF from Domino's Pizza. The Brazen Head offers many options including CHEESY GARLIC BAGUETTE and Beef Burger and Chips. Cape Town Fish Market includes a wide range like Snoek Samoosas or Mississippi Mud Pie. (4 pieces) and 898 Tempura Prawn Salad from . Simply Asia Southdowns offers Nando's and HUngry-ish.

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  • All our garlic breads are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients.
  • Garlic Bread R19.90
    • Mini french loaf with garlic butter
  • Garlic Bread Supreme R29.90
    • Mini french loaf with garlic butter, topped with mozzarella cheese
  • Garlic Bread Super Supreme R35.90
    • Mini french loaf with garlic butter, topped with mozzarella cheese & chicken, pepperoni or bacon
  • Crispy lettuce with tomato, green pepper, cucumber, onion & croutons.
  • House Salad R28.90
    • Crispy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, and croutons
  • Roman's (Chef's) Salad R45.90
    • House salad with chicken strips, ham, bacon bits & mozzarella cheese
  • Chicken Salad R45.90
    • House salad with chicken strips, pineapple & mushroom
  • HUngry-ish
  • Livers & Casa Pap R29.90
    • Starter Livers & Single Casa Pap (No swop outs)
  • Hotpot R32.50
    • Pulled Chicken, Spicy Rice, Veg and Tomato Relish
  • Chicken Strips & Spicy Rice R42.50
  • Chicken Strips,Veg & Spicy Rice R44.90
  • 6 Winglets & Single Chips R44.90
    • Available in regular or PERi-crusted (No swop outs)
  • Livers
  • Starter Portion and a Nando's Roll R34.90
  • Snoek Samoosas 54.00
    • 4 mini snoek samoosas, served with mango chutney
  • Calamari 56.00
    • Deep-fried calamari strips in a savoury salt-and-pepper crust, served with tartar sauce
  • Fish Cakes 56.00
    • A combination of salmon, kingklip, hake and potato, deep-fried and served with tartar sauce
  • Prawn Spring Rolls 60.00
    • 4 mini spring rolls deep-fried and served with soy dipping sauce
  • Tempura Prawns 62.00
    • 3 light & crispy prawns deep-fried in our secret batter, served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Squid Heads 68.00
    • Deep-fried Patagonian squid tentacles, served with our spicy mayo dressing
  • Mussels 74.00
    • Steamed West Coast mussels in a creamy garlic sauce
  • Robata Baby Squid 76.00
    • Patagonian baby squid tubes and tentacles, grilled in our secret Robata sauce
  • Gourmet Shredded Beef
  • Served until 2pm
  • Your choice of white or brown served with preserves. Complimentary coffee, tea or juice with all breakfast.
  • Rise & Shine 27.00
    • Egg, bacon, grilled tomato, fries and toast
  • Benedict 40.00
    • Two poached eggs served on bacon and flash fried polenta squares, topped with our Fuego Salsa
  • Santiago 47.00
    • Two eggs, bacon, beef sausage or pork cheese griller, grilled tomato and toast
  • Cubaña 79.00
    • Two eggs bacon, sausage or pork cheese griller, 100g sirloin steak, mushrooms, fries and toast
  • Dino Burrito 73.00
    • Eggs, bacon and mushrooms all rolled in a tortilla, oven baked and topped with Cubaña salsa and cheddar cheese. Served with fries
  • House Breakfast R32.90
    • 1 Fried egg, 2 bacon rashers, grilled tomato, 1 flapjack, chips & toast
  • Budget Breakfast R21.90
    • 2 Eggs, 2 rashers bacon, tomato & 1 slice of toast
  • Farmhouse Breakfast R36.90
    • 2 Eggs, 3 rashers bacon, frankfurter, chips, tomato & 1 slice Of toast
  • Bockwurst R46.90
    • 2 Eggs, 3 rashers bacon, bockworst sausage, tomato relish, grilled tomato, chips & toast
  • South African Breakfast R69.90
    • 2 Fried eggs, 3 rashers bacon, thin boerewors, tomato relish, fried onion rings, grilled tomato, chips & toast
  • Vegetarian R41.90
  • Crab R46.90
  • - Chocolate Panna Cotta 55.00
    • white and milk chocolate, chocolate sauce
  • Calling all junior pizza fans! You qualify for this part of the menu if you play with dough, draw with wax crayons and are under the age of 12! Bambini pizza wheat and gluten free base, add R18.
  • - Pomodoro 46.00
    • tomato, basil
  • - Bolognaise 50.00
    • beef bolognaise, Italian pamesan
  • - Funghi Bianco 50.00
    • exotic mushrooms, cream, herbs, Italian parmesan
  • - Spaghetti & Meatballs 50.00
    • pomodoro sauce
  • - Home-made Lasagna 52.00
    • beef bolognaise, bechamel sauce, Italian parmesan



Codonia Ave & Moulton Ave, Waverley, Pretoria, 0135, South Africa



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Codonia Ave & Moulton Ave, Waverley, Pretoria, 0135, South Africa
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