Moyo in Point Menu

  • The fruit start 55.00
    • Sweet pancake, with fruit campote, plain Bulgarian yogurt, moyo muesli and honey
  • Breakfast sliders 75.00
    • 2 mini bread rolls centered with a beef patty, crispy bacon, egg and cheese, served with a side of hand cut chips
  • Moyo GO 32.00
    • The quickie-egg, toast, 2 rashes of grilled dukkah tomato
  • The full moyo 79.00
    • 2 eggs, toast, grilled dukkah tomato, 2 rashes of bacon, boerewors, potato rosti, thyme and garlic mushrooms
  • Eggs benedict
    • 2 poached eggs, topped with a verjuice hollandaise as one of the following options:
  • Springbok carpaccio 69.00
    • Served on roosterkoek with rocket
  • African spinach 65.00
    • Served on Tunisian flatbread with vine tomatoes
  • Banting breakfast 75.00
    • Fresh avocado slices, served with crispy streaky bacon and dukkah cream cheese, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, tabasco and fresh ground black pepper
  • Peri peri livers on toast 55.00
    • Pan-fried chicken livers in a spicy East African peri peri sauce, served on "roosterkoek" topped with 2 poached eggs
  • Add:
  • Bacon 18.00
  • Grated Cheddar 15.00
  • Tomato 12.00
  • Grilled mushrooms 15.00
  • Egg 12.00
  • Boerewors 21.00
  • Avocado (when ripe) 35.00
  • Our decadent sandwiches are prepared with your choice of a cumin flavoured wrap, homemade seeded bread or pumpkin bread and accompanied with hand cut chips
  • Simple vegetarian 85.00
    • Feta, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce, peppadews, marinated tomato and chickpea chilli spread
  • Harissa chicken breast sandwich 89.00
    • Grilled chicken breast with browned onions and harissa flavoured mayonnaise
  • Moroccan lamb shank 95.00
    • Shredded lamb shank, with salad and sheba
  • Crumbed chicken and chakalaka 99.00
    • Crumbed chicken breast with lettuce, sliced cheddar and chakalaka (on the side)
  • Spicy prego steak sandwich 99.00
    • 150gr Beef sirloin marinated with bay leaf, peppercorns, garlic, olive oil, chilli and served with caramelised onion, fresh lettuce and tomato
  • Crushed avo 85.00
    • Crushed avocado on toasted seeded bread with sliced tomato and dukkah cream cheese, drizzled with olive oil and tabasco
  • Biltong and blue cheese 110.00
    • Beef biltong, blue cheese, rocket and caramelised red onion served on toasted pumpkin bread
  • Oxtail linguine 125.00
    • The famous Amos oxtail, deboned and splashed with cream, finished with parmesan, rocket and roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Ushaka lamb bunny chow 99.00
    • Delicious Durban style Iamb curry in home baked bunny chow bread, served with carrot salad and raita
  • Fish Hoek fish and chips 95.00
    • Presented traditionally on paper, jumbo hake in crisp batter, with hand cut chips, lemon wedges and harissa mayonnaise
  • South Coast fish cakes 79.00
    • Homemade fish cakes, crumbed and deep fried, served with chermoula mayonnaise and crunchy coleslaw
  • KwaZulu-Natal dusted wings 89.00
    • 4 Crispy Zulu Style peri peri spiced wings and presented with hand cut chips
  • Maize crumbed shrimp 139.00
    • Maize and panko crumbed, deep fried shrimp, tossed in sweet harissa mayonnaise and served with hand cut chips
  • Egyptian vegetarian platter 110.00
    • Marinated olives, mutabbal (brinjal dip), chilli spiked hummus, mini pita pockets, tomato salad, feta and tabbouleh
  • Freshly prepared burgers, all served on a pumpkin bread roll with hand cut chips
  • Mayo burger 95.00
    • Homemade 150gr smashed beef patty perfectly grilled, served with tomato and lettuce
  • Dukkah delight 120.00
    • Homemade 150gr smashed beef patty seasoned with dukkah spice and perfectly grilled, served with cream cheese, bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato and emmental cheese
  • Mama's inkukhu burger 120.00
    • Panko crumbed chicken breast served with harissa mayonnaise, avocado, onion rings and fresh tomato
  • Add:
  • Cheddar cheese 15.00
  • Egg 12.00
  • Bacon 18.00
  • Avocado (when ripe) 35.00
  • House salad 69.00
    • Baby spinach leaves, butter lettuce, cucumber, chickpeas, marinated red onion, roasted pumpkin cubes, wine tomatoes, string beans, melba toast and toasted pumpkin seeds, with a mustard and herb dressing
  • Oudtshoorn ostrich salad 115.00
    • Marinated ostrich slivers, cubed feta, peppers, avocado, cucumber, nut crackle and baby spinach leaves with a honey and mustard dressing
  • Limpopo chicken salad 110.00
    • Honey glazed sesame grilled chicken, rocket, mixed greens, tomato, feta, spicy nuts and strawberries, dressed with mustard and herb dressing
  • West Cape blue cheese and pear salad 79.00
    • Blue cheese, slices of crisp pear, celery, mixed greens and seeds, dressed with lemon balsamic
  • Add:
  • Harissa chicken 29.00
  • Biltong 39.00
  • Avocado (when ripe) 35.00
  • Feta 25.00
  • Olives 25.00
  • Blue cheese 25.00
  • Bread platter 45.00
    • Crisp Moroccan Tunisian flat bread drizzled with dukka olive oil and served with a chickpea and chilli dip
  • Fried mopane worms 49.00
    • Butter sauteed mopane, served a traditional tomato gravy
  • Free State sweet potato soup 55.00
    • Creamy sweet potato soup, served with sweet potato crisps and pumpkin bread roll
  • Springbok carpaccio 75.00
    • Thinly sliced cured springbok loin served with an avocado, caper & celery salsa, pickled mushrooms and micro herbs
  • Beef koftas 69.00
    • Spiced beef meatball skewers, served with chilli paste and minted yogurt, cumin flatbread and a petit salad
  • Peri peri chicken livers bunny chow 59.00
    • Pan-fried chicken livers in a spicy East African peri peri sauce, presented in homemade bunny chow bread rolls
  • Crocodile tail pies 75.00
    • Diced crocodile toil in a creamy mustard filling, baked in puff pastry and presented with a pineapple and orange salsa, and a rocket and red onion salad
  • Calamari dovi 85.00
    • Seared calamari caramelised in molasses, mint and harissa sauce, sprinkled with groundnut
  • West Coast mussels 75.00
    • Half shelled black mussels steamed in a white wine, cream and garlic sauce
  • Moyo samoosas 59.00
    • 3 deep fried triangular pastry pockets presented with homemade chutney. Mild curried beef mince / Cheese and spring onion
  • All our meat carefully selected and certified to ensure the best quality experience
  • Our grills are accompanied by African spinach and nhopi dovi OR a side of choice. Enjoy your meat either in rich dark basting, seasoned with dukkah salt or grilled plain to your taste
  • 300gr Rump 145.00
  • 300gr Sirloin 145.00
  • 250gr Fillet 179.00
  • 500gr T-bone 189.00
  • 300gr Lamb chops 175.00
  • 300gr Ostrich fillet 179.00
  • Communal kraal mixed grill 585.00
  • Feeds 4
    • Basted, spiced or grilled plain. The communal grill must be enjoyed with good company and great wine, the mayo way. 300gr Sirloin, 400gr Boerewors, 400gr Lamb chops and 300gr Ostrich fillet with African spinach, nhOpi dovi and your choice of 2 Sides
  • 29.00
  • Pap
    • maize meal cooked soft
  • Hand cut chips
    • double fried with the skin on and seasoned
  • Samp
    • cracked white maize, cooked soft with a touch of cream
  • Moroccan rice
    • white rice cooked with rosemary
  • Nhopi dovi
    • Zimbabwean style pumpkin and peanut puree
  • African spinach
    • braised with sweet potato, onion and cumin
  • Mealies
    • yellow corn on the cob, sliced and spiced with peri peri
  • Seasonal vegetables
    • sauteed in a pan with butter
  • Side salad
    • a portion of our house salad
  • Potato gallet
    • layers of thinly sliced potato baked in cream and herbs
  • Mashed potatoes
    • smooth, creamy smashed potato, with fried chives
  • 25.00
  • All our delicious sauces
  • Madagascan green peppercorn / Chakalaka / Cheddar Cheese / Mushroom / Mozambican creamy peri peri / Creamy roasted garlic
  • Preparation styles of North, East and South Africa, cooked and served in cast iron pot with your choice of couscous, Moroccan rice, pap, samp or dombolo
  • Lamb and chickpea tagine 165.00
    • Karao lamb slaw cooked with tagine spice in tomato, peach, ginger and coriander sauce
  • Chicken and date tagine 139.00
    • Marinated chicken braised with cinnamon, tumeric, chickpeas and dates, finished with flaked almonds
  • Oxtail Amos 169.00
    • Our famous oxtail braised with butter beans and carrots in red wine beef jus
  • 3 Bean curry potjie 95.00
    • Sugar beans, black eyed beans and red kidney beans, slow cooked in a rich tomato base gravy, spiked with Malay masala
  • Klein Karoo venison potjie 149.00
    • Venison cooked in a sweet, dark beer jus with baby onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
  • Durban lamb curry 165.00
    • Cubed lamb on the bone, prepared in a perfect blend of masala and whole spices, served with pappadum, sambals, carrot salad and raita
  • Moyo flamed fillet 189.00
    • Aged fillet filled with mushroom, spinach and mozzarella, on herb potato gallet with creamy Madagascan green peppercorn and peppadew sauce
  • Moroccan slow braised lamb shank 189.00
    • Lamb shank, slow cooked in rich spiced gravy with mashed and sauteed seasonal vegetables
  • Nigerian meat kebabs 169.00
    • Beef rump, chicken breast and ostrich fillet skewered, perfectly grilled and basted with sticky basting, served with corn fritters and tomato salsa
  • Beef dombolo 139.00
    • Beef braised in a rich beef stock with onions, carrots and tomato, served with traditional dumplings
  • Berbere venison loin 179.00
    • Grilled cubes of venison loin, presented on a hanging skewer and seared with mealies, hand cut chips and Madagascan green peppercorn sauce
  • Maputo peri peri chicken 159.00
    • Made famous in Maputo - flamed spatchcock chicken in peri peri, with hand cut chips
  • Zucchini, brinjal and mushroom smoor 95.00
    • Moroccan inspired slow cooked vegetable stew of zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms, with toasted flaked almonds, grilled peppers and chickpeas served with couscous
  • Prawn and chicken curry 169.00
    • Fragrant creamy curry with tones of traditional spices and coconut served with Moroccan rice poppadums
  • Mozambique peri peri prawns 295.00
    • Prawns in a homemade peri peri sauce, served with Moroccan rice
  • Flame grilled chermoula fish 159.00
    • Fresh line fish fillet rubbed with chermoula paste then flamed grilled, served with chickpea salad and hand cut chips
  • Senegalese line fish 169.00
    • Fresh line fish grilled and topped with a creamy coconut, mango and bell pepper base sauce, infused with ground nut and ginger and topped with sliced olives, served on couscous with nhopi dovi and African spinach
  • Seafood platter 695.00
    • To share - Subject to availability. Mozambique peri peri prawns, Senegalese line fish, West coast mussels, grilled crayfish and calamari dovi, with Moroccan rice, hand cut chips, creamy lemon butter and peri peri sauce
  • Seared calamari 149.00
    • Seared calamari sauteed with olives, broccoli and garlic, drizzled with lemony harissa butter and served with Moroccan rice
  • Meatball linguine 49.00
    • Savoury beef meatballs in light tomato sauce, with soft linguine
  • Chubby chicken sliders 49.00
    • 2 mini chicken burgers, with a light honey mustard mayonnaise and chips
  • Worsie en chips 49.00
    • 100gr boerewors, sliced, with hand cut chips and tomato sauce
  • Chicken bites 49.00
    • 3 double crumbed chicken strips, served with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and chips
  • False bay fish bites 49.00
    • Battered hake portions, with chips and tomato sauce
  • Moyo kids combo 65.00
    • Any kids meal + kids milkshake/soda + moyo Kids activity pack
  • Moyo duet 65.00
    • Cinnamon chocolate mousse and a bread and butter pudding, with a shot of almond custard
  • Peppermint crisp cheesecake 65.00
    • Creamy, rich fridge cheesecake served with butterscotch and chocolate drizzle
  • Cape malva pudding 69.00
    • Flambeed with brandy and served with creamy vanilla cream and ground pistachio nuts
  • Rooibos tea creme brulee 55.00
    • Rooibos infused baked custard, served with pineapple, orange and chilli salsa
  • Amarula ice cream 49.00
    • Vanilla ice cream with a shot of Aramula and shaved chocolate
  • Crustless star anise and naartjie zest milk tart 65.00
    • Baked milk tart served with stewed fruit and vanilla ice cream
  • South African cheese platter 145.00
    • Serves 2 Selection of local cheeses served with homemade chutney, spiced nuts, fresh fruit and biscuits

Nearby Sample Menus

  • LAMB 68.90
    • 2 Eggs, 2 rashers of back bacon, 2 lamb sausages, Wimpy relish & a full portion of chips
  • EXECUTIVE 69.90
    • 2 Eggs, 3 rashers of back bacon, boerewors & a full portion of chips
  • MEGA 68.90
    • 2 Eggs, a 90g pure beef patty, 3 rashers of back bacon, Wimpy relish, grilled onions & a full portion of chips
  • REG 19.90
  • MEGA 26.90
  • **Scrambled eggs garnished with chopped chives
  • Single Pies 18.50
  • Steak
  • Steak & Kidney
  • Pepper Steak
  • Steak & Onion
  • Cornish
  • Sausage Roll
  • Beef Curry
  • Fillet (250g) R185
  • STEAK, EGG & CHIPS R145 - R185
    • Your choice of steak topped with a fried egg and a garlic prego sauce
  • CALAMARI R79.00
    • Patagonian calamari tubes grilled or fried, served with rice
    • Four prawns in a garlic butter sauce, topped with parmesan and baked in the pizza oven, served with crispy bread
    • Char-grilled in our spicy BBQ sauce
    • Crumbed black mushrooms, deep fried topped with halloumi and bacon, drizzled with a cheese sauce
    • Chicken livers sauteed with onion, prepared with or without peri-peri, served with crispy bread
  • Footlong R70.00
  • Sandwiches available on white, brown, wholewheat or low GI bread, plain or toasted. French bread (22cm) and footlongs (35cm) white or brown. Avocado and Spinach are subject to availability.
  • Avocado
  • Sandwich R25.00
  • French R32.50
  • Footlong R44.50
  • Bacon & avocado
  • Sandwich R30.50
  • Freshly Baked
    • Italian / Wheat / Honey Oat / Parmesan Oregano
  • Make any 6-lnch Sub a Salad by adding R8.00
  • Veggie Delite R37.00
  • Tuna R45.00
  • Roasted Chicken Breast R48.00
  • Extra Cheese
  • 6-inch R5.00
  • Footlong R10.00
  • Your breakfast eggs can be ordered fried, scrambled or poached with your choice of M&B white, wholewheat or rye toast.
  • The M&B Classic $49.90
    • two eggs the way you like them served with honey-glazed back bacon, grilled tomato, a golden hashbrown, M&B rosemary-salted fries & served with a slice of M&B toast.
  • Smashed Avo* & Egg on Toast $34.90
    • two slices of M&B toast topped with fresh smashed avo* & sliced boiled egg.
  • Our Croque Madame $56.90
    • back bacon, tomato & baby spinach between two slices of M&B toast, topped with a creamy mustard cheese sauce, melted cheddar, fresh avo & an egg.
  • M&B On-The-Go $37.90
    • two eggs, back bacon, grilled tomato & a slice of M&B toast.
  • Just Eggs on Toast $24.90
    • two eggs the way you like them, served on top of M&B toast.
  • The Famous One $69.90
    • two eggs, back bacon, a sweetcorn fritter, grilled tomato & M&B rosemary-salted fries, served with a slice of M&B toast.
  • South African Farm $88.90
    • two eggs, back bacon, boerewors topped with M&B salsa, a hashbrown & grilled tomato, served with a slice of M&B toast.



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