Gatsby's Bar & Grill House in Boskruin Menu


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  • Maize crumbed shrimp 139.00
    • Maize and panko crumbed, deep fried shrimp, tossed in sweet harissa mayonnaise and served with hand cut chips
  • Moyo duet 65.00
    • Cinnamon chocolate mousse and a bread and butter pudding, with a shot of almond custard
  • Berbere venison loin 179.00
    • Grilled cubes of venison loin, presented on a hanging skewer and seared with mealies, hand cut chips and Madagascan green peppercorn sauce
  • Crumbed chicken and chakalaka 99.00
    • Crumbed chicken breast with lettuce, sliced cheddar and chakalaka (on the side)
  • Crushed avo 85.00
    • Crushed avocado on toasted seeded bread with sliced tomato and dukkah cream cheese, drizzled with olive oil and tabasco
  • Maputo peri peri chicken 159.00
    • Made famous in Maputo - flamed spatchcock chicken in peri peri, with hand cut chips
  • Klein Karoo venison potjie 149.00
    • Venison cooked in a sweet, dark beer jus with baby onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
  • Nigerian meat kebabs 169.00
    • Beef rump, chicken breast and ostrich fillet skewered, perfectly grilled and basted with sticky basting, served with corn fritters and tomato salsa
  • Medium R98.90
  • Small R59.90
  • Large R159.90
  • Greek (olives)
    • Tomato base, feta cheese & olives
  • Garlic Bread Supreme R29.90
    • Mini french loaf with garlic butter, topped with mozzarella cheese
  • Fresh green chilli, garlic, onion, green pepper, banana, tomato chunks
  • Small R55.90
  • Medium R87.90
  • M&B Giant Cookie
  • Back bacon & egg $56.90
  • Rib & Wing Combo $114.90
    • 200g chargrilled BBQ pork ribs & BBQ Buffalo chicken wings, served with M&B rosemary-salted fries.
  • Fillings:
  • Cheddar or feta or mozzarella +$14.90
  • Layered Decadent Cake Slice From $45.90
  • Cheddar or feta or mozzarella +$14.90
  • Tabbouleh $69.90
    • a lightly toasted wrap filled with tomato, cucumber, bulgur wheat, red onion, parsley & mint, dressed with a honey-lemon citrus reduction, served on top of baby spinach & a sun-dried tomato pesto.
  • Veggie Platter 2 R429.90
    • 4 Veggie Pitas, 4 Halloumi & Roast Veg Pitas, 2 Large Wedges, 4 Corns (Cut into 3), 2 Dips
  • + Single Side R39.90
  • 10 Winglets & Single Side R74.90
    • Available in regular or PERi-crusted
  • Grilled Halloumi R12.50
  • Nando's Salad
    • Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, PERI-olives, onions, mixed red and green peppers and salad dressing
  • Avo & Pickled Red Onion Pita
  • Peppermint Caramel Delight R24.90
  • On its own R42.50
  • 180g R52.00
  • Hudson's Caesar R80.00
    • Grilled free range chicken over cos lettuce, parmesan shavings, boiled egg & croutons; tossed in a classic Caesar dressing
  • Pulled pork R82.00
    • guacamole, dusted onions, salsa, jalapenos, cabbage & sweet chilli
  • The ONE (Created by Lizann Louw)
    • Beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, sugar glazed bacon, Bratwurst & german mustard
  • Espresso Chocolate Mousse R50.00
    • Made in house using Lindt chocolate
  • 250g R78.00
  • The Stack (v) R90.00
    • Chickpea and lentil patty topped with caramelised onion, goats cheese & avo
  • 180g R58.00
Gatsby's Bar & Grill House

Gatsby's Bar & Grill House



Summerfields Shopping Centre, Corner of Kelly Avenue and Kowie Road, Boskruin, Johannesburg Randburg








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Summerfields Shopping Centre, Corner of Kelly Avenue and Kowie Road, Boskruin, Johannesburg Randburg
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