The Trading Post Eatery in South Africa Menu

  • Buffalo wings R70.00
    • with blue cheese (crispy or peri-peri)
  • Patagonia calamari R75.00
    • grilled or fried with tartar aioli
  • Pork bitterbalen R70.00
    • with Jalapeno relish
  • Lily pond snack platter: R120.00
    • Baba ganoush, peppadew poppers, cucumber pickles, olives, crumbed mushrooms, cheese puffs, caprese salsa and bruschetta's
  • Coopers platter: R140.00
    • Chicken liver pate, BBQ buffalo wings, bitterbalen, crumbed mushrooms crispy chicken skins, homemade chutney and bearnaise sauce and toasties
  • Cheese platter R110.00
  • Chacuterie platter R130.00
  • Half and Half platter R155.00
  • Served with Fries or Salad
  • Wagon steak of the day R150.00
    • (normal or pepper crusted) With blue cheese, mushroom or bearnaise sauce
  • BBQ pulled turkey R100.00
    • open sandwich on rye Walnut butter, salted cranberries and cranberry mousse
  • Pastrami sandwich R115.00
    • on rye bread, pickles, mustard
  • Tomato, red onion, basil and feta Sandwich on rye R80.00
  • Chicken and brie salad R90.00
    • with walnuts, strawberries, red onion, peppadews and yogurt dressing
  • Risotto of the day R120.00
  • Pale ale battered fish R100.00
    • with tartar aioli
  • Fries R15.00
  • Crispy Onion rings R15.00
  • German potato salad R25.00
  • Slaw R25.00
  • Greek salad R30.00
  • Salmon, cream cheese, tomato & caper salsa on croissant or rye bread R65.00
  • Poached egg with spinach, black forest ham & hollandaise R75.00
  • Bacon, scrambled egg & tomato on corn bread R60.00
  • Granola & greek yogurt with honey & berry coulis R55.00
  • Fried eggs, bacon, button mushroom, tomato & ciabatta R80.00
  • Pulled pork belly R95.00
    • pickled onions, leeks
  • Margherita R70.00
  • Pulled BBQ chicken R85.00
    • peppadews, bacon, olives and parsley
  • JD Pizza R95.00
    • Sweet and sour rib with feta, mushroom, peppers and jalapeno's
  • Biltong, R100.00
    • red onion, feta and orange
  • LB Pizza R80.00
    • Bacon and mushroom
  • Brie, fig R110.00
    • and prosciutto
  • Portabella mushroom, R85.00
    • spinach, Feta and butternut
  • All Burgers served with fries or salad
  • Build your own burger:
  • Pick a meal:
  • Beef burger R75.00
  • Pulled smoked brisket R80.00
  • Chicken Burger spicy or plain R70.00
  • Portabella mushroom Burger R90.00
  • Pulled pork burger R70.00
  • Pick 3 toppings:
  • Guacamole R10.00
  • Streaky bacon R15.00
  • Foresthill Cheese R15.00
  • Danish Feta R10.00
  • Jalapeno R10.00
  • Portabella Mushroom R10.00
  • Sauerkraut R15.00
  • Wild Rocket R10.00

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Cafe Food , Deli


Breakfast ,  Cafe


Anura Off Simondium Road, Klapmuts, Stellenbosch, 7625, South Africa

Lilly Pad Restaurant Anura Vineyards, Off Simondium Road, Klapmuts, Paarl, Cape Town

Wagon Trail Anura Vineyards, Off Simondium Road, Klapmuts, Paarl, Cape Town

Anura Tasting Room Anura Vineyards, Off Simondium Road, Klapmuts, Paarl, Cape Town