Season's Cuisine in Johannesburg Menu

Season's Cuisine in Johannesburg has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as FRESH OYSTERS or TUNA from Ocean Basket Cedar Square. The Brazen Head offers many options including CHEESY GARLIC BAGUETTE and Beef Burger and Chips. moyo Zoo Lake includes a wide range like The fruit start or South African cheese platter. MADE FROM OLIVE OIL, SPRING WATER AND THE FINEST ITALIAN DURUM WHEAT. EXTRUDED THROUGH TRADITIONAL BRONZE DIE, TO RENDER A SURFACE ROUGHNESS THAT RETAINS SAUCE. and SALMON TROUT SALAD from . Primi Piatti offers Woolworths Cafe and SERVED ALL DAY.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • 876 Nigiri Simply Asia (2 pieces) R64.00
    • Salmon nigiri topped with prawn, avocado, mayonnaise and caviar.
  • (4 pieces)
  • 801 Salmon R67.00
  • 802 Tuna R67.00
  • 803 Seared Salmon R68.00
  • (2 pieces)
  • 810 Salmon R36.00
  • 812 Prawn R30.00
  • Creamy Peri-Peri Livers 58.90
    • Seasoned chicken livers, pan-grilled and sauteed in creamy peri-peri sauce. Served with toasted garlic bread bites.
  • Chicken Wings 64.90
    • Chicken wings, grilled and served with your choice of a dunking sauce.
  • - BBQ Basting
  • - Ginger Soya
  • - Hot ‘n Spicy
  • - Malaysian Sweet Chilli
  • Sizzling Snails 54.90
    • Six snails grilled in a classic garlic butter. Served with toasted garlic bread bites.
  • meal includes a standard coffee and hash brown
  • 1. Sausage McMuffin
  • McMuffin R19.50
  • Meal R29.90
  • 2. Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • McMuffin R22.00
  • Meal R33.00
  • 3. Egg & Cheese Muffin
  • Footlong R20.00
  • Freshly Baked
    • Italian / Wheat / Honey Oat / Parmesan Oregano
  • Make any 6-lnch Sub a Salad by adding R8.00
  • Veggie Delite R37.00
  • Tuna R45.00
  • Roasted Chicken Breast R48.00
  • Extra Cheese
  • 6-inch R5.00
  • Triple Cheese Chilli Poppers R65.00
    • Served With homemade tomato relish
  • Bacon Wrapped Poppers R90.00
    • Served with blue cheese mayo
  • Free Range Crumbed Chicken Strips R60.00
    • Served with a roast garlic mayo
  • Table Side Guacamole R80.00
    • Made fresh to order served with gluten-free, GMO-free tortilla chips
  • Mac 'n Cheese Croquettes R46.00
    • Served with truffle cheese sauce
  • Falafels R44.00
    • Topped with truffle cheese sauce, sauteed garlic mushrooms, parmesan & rocket
  • Fried Franks R45.00
    • Served With With german mustard
  • 180g R58.00
  • Two Poached Eggs on Rye 37.00
  • Creamy Scrambled Eggs 43.00
    • Served on ciabatta
  • With roasted rosa tomatoes 44.00
  • With crispy gypsy ham 54.00
  • With smoked salmon trout 89.00
  • Poached Eggs with Coriander Aioli 59.00
    • Two poached eggs, crispy gypsy ham, coriander aioli on toasted ciabatta, served with roasted rosa tomatoes
  • Egg Whites & Roasted Rosas 70.00
    • Served scrambled with half an avo and a slice of toasted rye
  • The Banter 80.00
    • Your eggs of choice, bacon, roasted rosas, half an avo and Danish feta with fresh rocket

Season's Cuisine


Naturally Yours Health Centre, 453 Main Rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191, South Africa





Opened hours

9:50 AM a 10:10 AM (Seg),10 AM a 8 PM (Ter-Dom)








Contemporary , Dessert , Beverages , Grill , Sushi , Health Food , European , French


Naturally Yours Health Centre, 453 Main Rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191, South Africa